Download UC Browser 8.0 for Android for faster browsing

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Among the browsers available today for the Android platform, The UC browser 8.0 has become quite happening. The browser has got what it takes to lead ahead in the competition market. It is fast and reliable, and provides a lot of options for advanced search. Be it Facebook or Google, UC browser is the favorite one for one and all. Read on for a detailed review.

Download UC Browser 8.0 for Android

One of the strongest features of UC browser for its wide acceptance is the cross-platform capability it possesses. Be it on any platform, he browser will support it all. Moreover, it supports a lot of browsing modes, and the user has got the option of switching between the PC modes and the mobile modes. In the PC mode, the user will view the web pages in the entirety, and will see all images and content as it would appear on the PC. But, in the mobile mode, the user will be able to save bandwidth with no-image view option.

Some of the other features which make this browser a must-try one are the auto-URL completion, browsing in the full screen mode, search suggestions in real-time form Google, zoom levels which are customizable. The user may also specify the browser orientation and image quality. Moreover, there is a built-in file manager which will take care of all the user downloads, and even provides day/night mode support.

Download UC Browser 8.0 Android apk

If you are even interested to see the Traffic stats, the browser will also facilitate the same. Providing quite a robust and detailed support for bookmarking, the browser facilitates better privacy control and buttons for quick dial on the home screen, which can be edited. Also supporting the sought after tabbed browsing, you may while out your hours with this great browser. So, if you haven’t tried the UC browser yet, here is the chance on your Android handset.

Apart from all of the above, UC browser also supports chat on various networks as Facebook, Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger, MSN and so on. So, the browser seems to be complete from all aspects and is thus a good recommendation for all users. Go ahead and browse the world through this wonderful cross-platform, multi-featured browser. Market download link.

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