Best Siri Alternative apps for Android Phones

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We have always faced the face that Apple has led the world of innovation, and others follow, though Android has been the closest follower and even overtook Apple on the go in many occasions. So, for now, let us concentrate on Siri. It has already gained a lot of popularity and importance in the app world, and is even expected to be one of the most sought after app for the iOS 5.

Best Siri Alternative apps for Android Phones

So, it is well-expected that Android will not lie far behind, and thus there are Siri alternatives which are rocking the Android Market as well. For your information, Siri is the voice assistant service of Apple which is embedded in the iPhone 4S exclusively. Read on for a detailed discussion.

Some of the best Siri alternative apps which are available in the Android Market for the Android platform shall be listed as follows.


iris android app

Developed by Dexetra, this app can be considered as an exact replica of Siri, but meant for the Android platform. Using the speech-to-text feature of Android, the app will act as an answering machine. There is a mic button which you need to hold while asking questions. After this, Iris will interact with you, and answer your questions with the help of internet and customization.

Download Iris from market: Link

Speaktoit Assistant:

Speaktoit Assistant android app

This app is also a great Siri alternative for the Android platform, and shall understand the context of what you are speaking about. Apart from answering question, it will launch applications, connect with Social networks as Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter, provide maps, enable search for images and news, support conversion of currency and measurements, facilitate weather information look up, get horoscope predictions, with the possible available add-ons. The app will also provide sending of emails. Apart from all of this, the app will also support a highly-customizable avatar, which adds to the feel of the app.

Download Speaktoit Assistant from market: Link

Vlingo Virtual Assistant:

Vlingo Virtual Assistant android app

This is a free smartphone app providing voice assistance for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry. The app will enable the user to set the status on Facebook and other social networks, perform messaging to friends, mobile search and so on, without the need for typing. Facilitating Voice Dial, getting directions, messaging, opening apps and so on, the app may be regarded as a good enough replacement of Siri. Apart from these, there is the SafeReader option for the app which will read out your incoming message while you are driving. Also, Auto-Listen feature will help Vlingo start listening the moment is is put ON.

Download Vlingo from market: Link

Pocket Stalin:

Pocket Stalin - android app

This app will act as a personal advisor, which will provide answers to all your questions, which are expecting a yes/no answer. Supporting around 50 words of wisdom, and 173 spoken phrases, the app provides a full-voice acting, and incorporates a unique magic-8 ball. The app may be installed on the SD card. You just need to shake the phone to get the answer.

Download Pocket Stalin from market: Link

So, here you go, the best Siri alternatives for the Android platform is there out in the open for you to know and try out. We will be looking forward for your experience and comments about these apps.

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